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What You Need

We provide everything needed to get the birds to commit. You can expect to hunt over anywhere from 2 dozen to 10 dozen decoys. Depending on the setup, we may be in layout blinds, or A-frame blinds, in an effort to have the best hide. The more invisible we become, the better our success! We update our blinds, decoys, and motion equipment each year because we understand that part of the experience at Southern Flight Outdoors is using the newest equipment on the market. 

So that is what we will have for you, but don’t forget to use this checklist to pack up the things you will need to bring. 

– Federal Duck Stamp

– Oklahoma Hunting License

– State Waterfowl License

– HIP Permit 

– Shotgun

– Shotgun Shells (For goose hunts you will need a 12 gauge and we suggest BB shells, for ducks we suggest 2-4 shot)

– Warm clothes

– Boots

– Cooler to haul all of your meat home